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About Us

Established in 2017, Ken Wights prides itself in providing top quality pet food to the High Streets of the Isle of Wight at low prices. Our aim is to feed dogs and cats alike with food free of bad ingredients and give both pets and owners a great experience.
Ken Wight's Pet Food has a wide range of products that cover all dog ages and sizes as well as having specialised foods for cats. Ken Wight's is grain free and contains fresh meat (>26%) within a balanced meal including vegetables and carbohydrates key for your pet’s health. Ken Wights also doesn’t contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives meaning that it’s 100% natural so it is easily digestible and palatable even for pets that are fussy eaters.
Ken Wights is full of recognisable ingredients and each one is there for their individual nutritional purposes. Due to the high nutritional value, less needs to be fed because of the lack of cereals and fillers in it. This means a bag of the food lasts longer and is far more cost effective than getting the cheaper and well known brands of foods that contains the cereals and fillers. Due to the food being better for your pet you also minimise vet visits due to dry skin and runny stools, becoming cost effective in that aspect too.
Ken Wights is also grain free to minimise the chances of any intolerances, sensitivities or allergies being triggered from eating the food. This means that switching to Ken Wights gradually over a 2 week period will cause firmer stools, as well as a healthier looking skin and coat, amongst other benefits.

Why Choose Ken Wight's Pet Food

 Grain-Free and Hypoallergenic

Natural, complete and balanced with no added
artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
designed to be suitable for Dogs and Cats with
grain intolerances/sensitivities - meaning that
you don’t need to worry about bad reactions or
runny stools and is 100% natural.

 A Taste Your Pet Will Love

A special blend in ingredients creates a unique
and varying taste, aroma and texture in all of
our foods meaning your pet is unlikely to ever
get bored of it.

  Highly Digestible

Using high quality ingredients, our highly
digestible food means more firm stools and a
less frequent need - especially helpful in older,
incontinent pets. This also means that more
nutrients will be absorbed into your pet’s
digestive tract and therefore their body.

  Added Vitamin and

         Omega 3 Supplements

An excellent source of EPA & DHA to support
cognitive function, visual development and
help to reduce the inflammation response.
Sweet Potato is rich in Vitamin B and every
ingredient in this food is there for a calculated
reason to give your pet all the nutrients they
could need. Omega 3 and Fish Oils give your
pet a healthier skin and shiny coat and
ultimately transform your pet's coat.

 High-Quality Protein For Humans

A human quality protein source that dogs will
go out of their way for with a larger percentage
than other pet foods. High-quality protein is
more bio-available and can be better absorbed
by the body, making it ideal for your pet.

 Why Your Dogs Sometimes

         Prefer Feces To Dog Food

A dog’s digestive system is dependent on a
specific mix of enzymes to break down
carbohydrates, proteins and fats. There is some
evidence that suggests that dog digestive
systems haven’t quite caught up to modern
diets that include less animal protein and far
more carbohydrates and plant proteins. Some
veterinary nutritionists have suggested that
dogs eat stool to replenish enzymes so that they
are better prepared to digest their food.

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Phone: 01983 863546

Address: 8 Clarendon Rd, Shanklin PO37 7AG




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